The door hinges were loose in the doors, and the fastening bolts were rusted in place.

The bobbins that these bolts fastened to were completely disconnected from the door, and the bolts were rusted into the bobbins.

Drilling out the bolts.

It’s no wonder the bobbins had broken loose – “make-believe” bonding to a 1/16″ thick flat surface.

A jig to hold the bobbins in place while re-glassing them from the inside.   Interesting — the spacing is metric.  Did the hinges come from a European car?

No wonder they broke out.  There’s no thickness at all where it’s needed most. (View from inside the door with the alignment jig against the outside.)

This is a jig to maintain the center-to-center spacing for the window frame mount while drilling out the rusted bolts.

The drill bushing is 0.272″.  Suitable for a 5/16-24 helicoil or simple bolt clearance for through-bolting.

Speaking of rust….